Unique, customised paintings to honour and celebrate


A striking, subject-relevant painting to mark a successful deal or milestone or celebrate an important partnership is an exceptional and enduring relationship-enhancing solution.


Take a look at the Galleries to see my work.


Imagine how the presentation of such a painting could help to nurture and enhance your client, customer or personal relationships.  Imagine the positive impact for both the presenter and recipient. Imagine also how charitable causes could benefit. 


Contact me to discuss your ideas and requirements.  I look forward to hearing from you. 

The purpose of my paintings

  • My paintings are intended for presentation to celebrate events, occasions, milestones, achievements and relationships.


  • The subjects in the paintings are connected to those celebrations.


  • I guarantee accuracy. I aim to create drama. I use colour with subtlety and imagination.


  • My aim is to generate positive feelings for both presenter and recipient, such as empathy, team spirit, gratitude, commitment, friendship, warmth and the pleasure in giving and receiving.


  • My aim is to create enduring visible reminders of the reasons the paintings are presented and the feelings generated, so that relationships are enhanced for the longer term. 


In Gallery 1 you will find examples of my paintings of aircraft, ships etc., most of which were painted to commemorate, celebrate and mark notable occasions or events, or for presentation for a particular business or charitable purpose.  You can view Gallery 1 here


In Gallery 2 are examples of my paintings presented to private clients.  You can view Gallery 2 here


I have wide experience in both business and art. Find out more in my profile